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Facebook’s [NASDAQ: FB] WhatsApp Files Lawsuit Against Indian Government

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The messaging platform of Facebook, Inc. [NASDAQ: FB] WhatsApp has disclosed that it has decided to sue the Indian Government over new Internet rules. The new Indian Internet rules forced the firm to provide access to encrypted messages. These new rules further tensed the relationship between Silicon Valley giants and the government in a country.

In India there are hundreds of millions of users. WhatsApp has confirmed that it has filed the lawsuit in the Delhi High court. Sources disclosed that the case requests the Delhi High Court to rule that one of the new IT rules is a defilement of privacy rights in the constitution of India since it need social media firms to recognize the “first originator of information” when experts request it.

Furthermore, the WhatsApp lawsuit increases the growing tensions between the government of PM Modi and tech giants. The tech giants including Facebook, Google‘s parent Alphabet, and Twitter in one of their important global growth markets. Tension between the firm and government further grow after the police visited the Twitter office.

Additionally, New Delhi has also forced tech firms to eliminate what it has portrayed as propaganda on the COVID-19 pandemic devastating India. It has also included some condemnation of the government’s reaction to the catastrophe, which is alleging thousands of lives daily.

WhatsApp disclosed that messages are encrypted end-to-end. It would have to break encryption for beneficiaries of messages as well as the initiators to conform with the new law. WhatsApp confirmed that it would continue to connect with the government. Its Indian businesses were ongoing.

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