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Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Shows Interest in Cryptocurrency

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Billionaire investor Carl Icahn disclosed that he is interested in cryptocurrency and he could enter the cryptocurrency market in a “relatively big way”. A billionaire investor revealed that he is exploring potential opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector. Carl made this comment in an interview and when asked about the possible investment he mentioned: “A big way for us would be, you know, a billion dollars, a billion and a half dollars, something like that.”

Additionally, he made a scary remark on various cryptocurrencies as he disclosed that he believed that some cryptocurrencies will no longer stay but few have the capability to stay for a longer period of time. He momentarily talked about Bitcoin and Ethereum. Carl did not mention any specific cryptocurrency he was bearing in mind.

He added: “I’m not looking at what to buy necessarily at this time. I’m just looking at the whole business. How I might get involved with it.” Earlier in 2018, in an interview, he mentioned that he didn’t understand cryptocurrency. He said that he found them ‘absurd’. But now it seems like that his views about cryptocurrency have changed. Now he is considering an investment in the cryptocurrency sector.

Furthermore, he elucidated that presently he doesn’t hold any cryptocurrency. He is not the first investor who will invest in cryptocurrency if he decides to invest. There are many other billionaires also invested in the same sector.

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