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Binance Launchpool is Featuring Automata

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The Binance cryptocurrency Exchange disclosed that Automata will become the latest project which is to be rolled out on its Binance Launchpool platform. It has been disclosed that the Launchpool for ATA will commence on June 2 and will operate for 30 days. On June 7, ATA will be recorded in Binance’s “Innovation Zone”. 40 million ATA tokens will be disseminated to users via the Binance Launchpool, signifying 4% of the token’s total supply.

Furthermore, Binance users will be able to receive Automata’s ATA tokens by venturing their BNB, BUSD, and DOT tokens into specified pools. The majority of the rewards which is almost 70% will go to BNB stakers. Smaller distributions are set aside for DOT stakers (20%) and BUSD stakers (10%).

In comparison to the Binance platform, users who take part in Launchpool programs aren’t actually paying their cryptocurrency to purchase new tokens. The tokens are simply momentarily staked. The daily rewards each user obtains depends on how big their stake is in comparison to the total size of the pool.

In addition to this, the Automata project is creating multiple solutions to optimize the privacy and safety of decentralized applications. If we took the example, Automata’s Witness service can safeguard the privacy of voters in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). It is offering users the opportunity to make a choice between different levels of privacy. The project’s Conveyor service is intended to prevent the front-running on decentralized exchanges.

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