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Gaming Platform Xaya Teams Up with Popular Ethereum Scaling Solution Polygon

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Blockchain Gaming platform Xaya has joined hands with popular Ethereum scaling solution Polygon. Xaya has partnered with Polygon to improve the scalability of its blockchain gaming ecosystem. Xaya was founded by Autonomous Worlds. Autonomous World is a blockchain development and consultancy firm.

As per the partnership, Autonomous Worlds is gearing up to develop games that will deploy their blockchain-powered features on Polygon. Moreover, the Polygon sidechain is compliant with Ethereum and enables tokens that have been locked in specialized Ethereum smart contracts to be produced on Polygon so that they can be implemented quicker and cheaper.

In addition to this, Xaya will get benefits from this feature and adopt a packaged version of its CHI cryptocurrency on Polygon. Xaya is also teaming up with major video game publishers Ubisoft. Moreover, Polygon has experienced a steady increase in activity in the first months of 2021, but the platform really took off starting in May.

The data from Nansen disclosed that the platform now has over 50,000 daily active addresses. It is managing more than 6 million transactions per day. Some of the most famous apps that are installed on Polygon include QuickSwap, SushiSwap, and Aave.

With the distinctive properties of blockchain, the Xaya platform has offered some very unique possibilities to game developers. In-game assets may be traded through atomic swaps, which slashes off scammers. Xaya also enables games to deploy demonstrable impartiality to indicate that they aren’t delivering results biased towards particular players. Since players own in-game assets on the blockchain, they can perform with them spontaneously and maintain full ownership at all times.

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