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Nokia [NYSE: NOK] Announces Global Launch of Next-Generation AirScale 5G portfolio

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Nokia Corporation [NYSE: NOK] has rolled out its latest range of industry-prominent AirScale 5G products. The new comprehensive range of products of Nokia includes baseband, remote radio heads, and huge MIMO active antennas with digital beamforming. Nokia’s new products are powered by the latest generation of ReefShark chipsets.

It will provide the highest capacity and network performance while allowing effective implementations and operation. The launch of the new products has already been started. Nokia launched its new generation of ReefShark-powered AirScale massive MIMO antennas with 32TRX and 64TRX products and 8T8R remote radio head solutions.

Furthermore, The 32TRX is low in weight in the industry, at 17kg, streamlining and accelerating site deployments. Particularly, this low weight is accomplished at the same time as backing high radio frequency bandwidth. The bandwidth includes 200 MHz occupied bandwidth and 400 MHz instantaneous bandwidth. It will offer high radio frequency power output, without negotiation. Both the new 32TRX and the new 64TRX huge MIMO antennas back both fragmented spectrum and network sharing cases.

Additionally, Nokia also launches its new SoC-based baseband plug-in cards to enhance the capacity of the AirScale System Module. The new ReefShark-powered plug-in cards offer up to eight times more bandwidth and provide services up to eight times more cells compared to earlier generations. The baseband module of Nokia can back 90,000 connected users at the same time and has 84 Gbps throughput. The highly efficient ReefShark powered plug-in cards also cut power consumption by up to 75 percent.

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