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Link Reservations Decides to Accept Bitcoin/Crypto Payments

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Link Reservations Inc disclosed Friday that it has decided to start accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments. This is the major breakthrough for the firm as the firm has decided to jump into the market of cryptocurrency. Link Reservations disclosed that it has unlocked a Coinbase account and will be able to accept bitcoin/crypto payments for purchases in the near future. Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Gemini Crypto Report disclosed that more than 21.2 million adults, or about 14% of the U.S population, own cryptocurrency in the US. Moreover, 13% of those surveyed shared intents to buy digital assets within the next 12 months basically doubling in a year.

Furthermore, the CEO of Link Reservations disclosed that cryptocurrencies have become slightly prevalent and continue to acquire interest from consumers in the US and around the globe. The firm is delighted to declare that it has opened a Coinbase account.

CEO revealed that the firm will be able to take benefit of these new payment methods and be ready for new customers who trade in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, as the firm takes the necessary steps to increase sales, the firm would like to offer as many ways as possible for its clients to buy its products.

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