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Lion Electric [NYSE: LEV] all Set to Deliver Two Electric Trucks to Green Mountain Power

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The Lion Electric Company [NYSE: LEV] revealed on Friday that it is preparing to deliver two of its all-electric trucks to Green Mountain Power (GMP) of Vermont. The two all-electric trucks cover a Lion bucket truck for line crews and a Lion stake body truck for electrical support field squads. GMP is among the first utilities in New England to obtain all-electric heavy-duty trucks for its fleet.

Lion Electric anticipates supplying the first truck to GMP in the first half of 2022. The second truck is planned to deliver next summer. Of the operators will adopt electric trucks generates savings. It includes decreased maintenance costs by more than 60%, and energy costs by more than 80%.

Furthermore, over the last 20-years, Lion has created itself as a prominent leader in the zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry. It has supplied more than 390 all-electric heavy-duty vehicles in North America with over 7 million miles driven since 2016. All of Lion’s vehicles are purpose-built for electric propulsion from the ground up and are built at Lion’s North American facility, which has a current capacity to generate 2,500 electric trucks per year.

Additionally, electrifying its heavy-duty field operations fleet to cut carbon emissions. Moreover, the bucket truck and its ancillary systems operate completely off the vehicle’s battery pack, cutting emissions and noise pollution. The bucket truck has a range of 130 miles, the stake truck can go 200 miles on a charge.

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