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Metrospaces Choose Cryptobucks as Preferred Cryptocurrency Partner

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Metrospaces disclosed that it has selected Cryptobucks as its preferred cryptocurrency partner. It has inked an agreement to consolidate Cryptobucks into all of its platforms to enable cryptocurrency payments. Metrospaces has gained recognition as the blockchain technology payment app developed by South Florida’s Aliant Payments and Dallas-based Shokworks.

The firm has chosen Cryptobucks as its preferred cryptocurrency partner because it believes that Cryptobucks is the perfect partner. Metrospaces will be able to distinguish the firm because of this collaboration and made it a source of alternative payment options in the real estate market.

Furthermore, Metrospaces intends to utilize Cryptobucks to accept payments on all projects. Metrospaces recently commence construction on Infinity View Villas, the luxury residential and co-living development in the Dominican Republic. The payment arrangement will permit the utilization of Cryptobucks to obtain fractional ownership in the project. Likewise, investors may use Cryptobucks in the new tokenization platform, Metrocrowd, scheduled to unveil in late 2021.

Additionally, Metrospaces offers Cryptobucks the unique opportunity to differentiate into the real estate market. This collaboration further bolsters Cryptobucks as a leader in flawless digital currency transactions. In addition, Metrospaces welcomes members in its co-living platform Metrohouse to pay membership and co-living expenses using Cryptobucks.

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