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Smith & Nephew [NYSE: SNN] Create Digital Surgery and Robotics Innovation Centre in Europe

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Smith & Nephew [NYSE: SNN] disclosed that it has established a purpose-built digital surgery and robotics innovation centre, based in Munich, Germany. The new innovation centre will utilize the expertise of healthcare professionals from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in collaboration with Smith Nephew’s R&D and medical education teams to discover digital surgery and robotics techniques and technologies.

It has been disclosed that the centre will include a devoted medical education facility, where surgeons can improve techniques and experience the latest technology through hands-on learning and compelling simulation technology. Smith+Nephew EMEA disclosed that the advanced facility is aimed at the development and delivery of digital surgery technologies and techniques.

Furthermore, the centre will also home the Smith+Nephew digital surgery and robotics R+D team. It allows them to join hands with surgeons, scientists, and engineers, driving innovation that fulfills unsatisfied clinical needs. Many of this team joined forces with Smith+Nephew from Brainlab under the terms of a partnership agreement declared in 2019.

In addition, the new facility, which is anticipated to open in late 2022, will be located at the Rhythm complex at Kustermann Park, in central Munich. It associates itself with the Smith+Nephew’s recently started robotics R&D and medical education facility in Pittsburgh, the US in providing a unique cooperative approach to customer experience and product development.

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