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Amazon [NASDAQ: AMZN] Announces Roche is using AWS for its Cloud Workloads

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Amazon.com, Inc. [NASDAQ: AMZN] disclosed that Roche Group has decided to use its AWS for the majority of its cloud workloads to help Roche derive greater value from its health data. The company leverages AWS capabilities in high-performance computing, analytics, machine learning, database, storage, and security to speed up drug discovery and advancement, and process health data at scale to offer high-quality, individually customized care.

AWS’s secure infrastructure and portfolio of services help Roche’s customized healthcare program. While biopharmaceutical companies have been chasing personalized medicine for over two decades. Recently it had proceeded in data, analytics, and digital technology placed the healthcare industry for transformational change.

Furthermore, Roche leverages AWS analytics and database services like Amazon OpenSearch Service and Amazon Aurora to help it achieve actionable understandings from its enterprise, research, clinical, digital health, and real-world patient data. Roche can examine health data at scale related to patients’ genetic makeup, overall health, and drug efficacy and synergies, evaluating structured datasets of de-identified patient data that Roche anonymizes and aggregates to safeguard patient privacy.

In addition, Roche also join hands with AWS Professional Services to integrate its information technology (IT) systems so that it can reliably share data as needed both within the company and with key external stakeholders such as academic institutions, regulatory agencies, and healthcare providers, while Roche fulfills with laws and guidelines to secure patient privacy.

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