Did Anything Boost Liquid Media (YVR) Stock In Extended Session?

    Shares of Liquid Media Group Ltd. (NASD: YVR) were up 6.91% to $0.2521 at the time of the most recent check. We may then point to recent events to offer a fuller picture of the firm as the YVR stock increased in the absence of recent news.

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    How have recent events at YVR gone?

    iNDIEFLIX Education, a Liquid Media (YVR) firm, has recently announced an expansion under a new brand, iMPACTFUL, to better incorporate their expanding social impact work with schools and companies throughout the world. Through iMPACTFUL’s film-based programs, which are now known as the Creative Coping Toolkit and are endorsed by psychiatrists, mental health advocates, brain scientists, educators, and business professionals worldwide, Liquid Media uses the power of film to spark meaningful conversation and propel long-lasting change.

    Through iMPACTFUL, YVR hopes to rethink education, make it acceptable to talk about mental health and wellbeing and help communities and people become more introspective and resilient. The film programs of iMPACTFUL are built on a foundation of inquiry, empathy, and resiliency to model and promote social wellness.

    According to YVR’s subsidiary, storytelling has the capacity to shift mindsets and enhance life skills by stoking curiosity, building connections, and exchanging singular lived experiences. Data from a recent poll done by UCSF that summarized responses to the Angst program was made available by iMPACTFUL. 76% of students and educators said they were confident they would know what to do if they were experiencing anxiety, and 67% of educators stated this movie is beneficial for children and teenagers. 70% of educators agreed that it should be required to watch.

    Over 2.5 million individuals have been reached by iMPACTFUL programs since they began, in 14 different languages and over 90 different countries. Additionally, screenings of iMPACTFUL’s programs have been conducted in over 25,000 schools with licenses, and more than 300 Fortune 500 firms have obtained corporate licenses.

    How is YVR changing things?

    Through iNDIEFLIX, Liquid Media (YVR) will continue to act as a streaming service and a base for independent movies and creators. In order to uphold this objective, iNDIEFLIX uses its platform as a streaming service to provide a voice to the underrepresented, satisfy cultural curiosities, and foster community. With the goal of “harnessing the power of narrative to promote positive transformation while educating and entertaining audiences,” YVR as a whole is committed to this objective.