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Analyzing Teck Resources Limited (TECK)’s quick and current ratios

After finishing at $42.29 in the prior trading day, Teck Resources Limited (NYSE: TECK) closed at $40.37, down -4.54%. In other words, the price...

Teck Resources Limited (TECK) stock: EPS estimates for the current quarter

The price of Teck Resources Limited (NYSE: TECK) closed at $44.87 in the last session, up 3.08% from day before closing price of $43.53....

In spite of Teck Resources Limited’s (NYSE:TECK) recent upswing, most analysts remain bearish.

As of close of business last night, Teck Resources Limited's stock clocked out at $45.51, down -2.34% from its previous closing price of $46.60....

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