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Aurora Mobile [NASDAQ: JG] Inks A Deal With NIU Tech. To Deliver An Optimal Mobility Experience To Users

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Aurora Mobile [NASDAQ: JG] declared that the company has collaborated with NIU Technologies. Aurora mobile company will aid NIU technologies to increase the efficiency of operations and services. Moreover, users can be provided with an optimal experience. The companies collaborated to create an optimal smart mobility experience for their customers.

NIU is committed to providing its customers with a convenient and efficient smart mobility vehicle. These vehicles are environmentally friendly and improve the quality of life in urban areas. The company sold approximately 1.4 million vehicles around the globe till Sept 2020. NIU will use Aurora’s industry-leading AI to push technical capabilities and machine learning-based intelligent data analytics. Additionally, NIU with the help of Aurora’s technologies will gain an insight into its customer’s needs, their specific interest through tailing their user experience, and will maximize value creation.

The companies are positive about this collaboration and think it will be fruitful for both of them. Furthermore, The collaboration will allow them to grow and explore more opportunities in the smart mobility sector.

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