Cineverse (CNVS) Stock Skyrockets Following Product Announcement

Cineverse Corp. (NASDAQ: CNVS) witnessed a significant surge in its stock value, climbing by 51.61% to reach $2.35 per share in the last trading session. This surge followed the announcement of a groundbreaking product by Cineverse, termed cineSearch. Positioned as an AI-powered movie search platform, cineSearch aims to redefine the search and discovery experience for audiences worldwide, addressing the fundamental question: “What do you want to watch?”

The public beta of cineSearch is scheduled for release within Cineverse’s streaming platform in Spring 2024, with plans for wider availability through partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and third-party streaming platforms.

Developed by Cineverse utilizing Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search, cineSearch leverages advanced technology, including the PaLM 2 Large Language Model (LLM), to create a chatbot tailored for feature film and television entertainment. This innovative approach promises a conversational experience for users seeking movie recommendations. As a key component of cineSearch, Cineverse introduces “Ava,” an artificial intelligence-based video advisor.

What sets cineSearch apart is its utilization of a proprietary AI model specifically designed for the movie industry. With a comprehensive set of metadata covering over 100,000 Hollywood movies and television shows, including both standard and contextual metadata such as weather and setting, cineSearch offers a unified search engine supporting various search dimensions like theme, tone, mood, setting, and plot.

Moreover, cineSearch utilizes scene-specific metadata, along with user viewing history, location, date, and weather conditions, to tailor recommendations for individual users. This multifaceted approach aims to simplify and enhance the movie discovery process, providing viewers with intuitive and personalized suggestions.

In cases where a desired movie is unavailable within Cineverse’s catalog, Ava will seamlessly recommend alternatives from other streaming services, offering direct links for easy access.

Overall, cineSearch represents a significant step forward in the evolution of movie search and discovery, promising a more engaging and user-friendly experience for cinephiles worldwide. With its advanced AI technology and extensive metadata, cineSearch is poised to revolutionize how audiences find and enjoy their favorite films and television shows.

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